01.Preparation for the gym|READY
Choose the right clothes
Fitness bag need to bring quite a few things, suitable sportswear and sneakers, clean underwear, towel, slippers, shower shampoo, headphones.
For women, sports underwear must not be forgotten.
Please bring protective gear for heavy weight training.
Prepare a list of songs you like fast-paced can also improve the efficiency of the movement !
Replenish energy and hydration
At least 30 minutes before working out, it is important to properly supplement with less food so that you can maintain sufficient energy during your workout and avoid dangers such as hypoglycemia.
For carbohydrates, you can choose: 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1 banana; for proteins, you can choose at your discretion, because the digestion rate is slow, it is recommended to eat after the workout.
Regardless of any stage, water must be properly replenished at all times, sufficient water in the body to promote the circulation of body functions, to obtain better training efficiency.
Regardless of any training, warm up in advance so that the muscles and joints of various parts of the body are fully relaxed, so that the muscles contract more efficiently, but also to accelerate blood circulation in the body to avoid injury during exercise.
Easy aerobic exercise, 5 to 10 minutes of light sweating is sufficient.
There is strength training, after the aerobic warm-up, with light weights to do a few sets of movements ready to be practiced, to further warm up the local muscles and joints of the body.
03.Start Fitness|BEGINNING
Start Fitness
For fat loss people.
1) Aerobic: 70% of the total time, running, swimming, cycling, rope skipping, rowing, calisthenics, combat exercises, etc. When performing aerobic exercise, pay attention to breathing evenly and not too fast. It is recommended that the total duration of 30-40 minutes is better, you can try different equipment.
2) Anaerobic: 30% of the total time. Use apparatus training mainly, with the correct form of action and muscle contraction, the weight can be lighter, and the maximum number of repetitions should be controlled to 12-15 times as much as possible.
For those who gain muscle.
1) Anaerobic: 80% of the total time, strength training is the main focus, master the standardization of the movement and the correct force point of the muscle, the weight can be chosen heavier. Each part of the choice of 4-6 training movements 3-5 groups, the number of 8-12 times.
(2) aerobic: 20% of the total time, mainly in the form of running, cycling, walking, etc., but appropriate to increase the speed and reduce the time of aerobic, to 20 minutes is appropriate. If sebum is not high only 2 times a week to do aerobic.
04.Training time|TIME
Training time
Whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, the best time for the first practitioners to work out for an hour, with the increase in action proficiency and strength, the time can be slightly adjusted, but preferably not more than 2 hours, the rest time between action groups should not exceed 90 seconds.
Hydration during training
During the exercise process will sweat, resulting in the body losing a lot of water, this time can be replenished with water in small amounts several times during the rest, do not drink too much at once, so as not to cause physical discomfort. If you feel sluggish, you can supplement glucose or other sports drinks appropriately.
05.Stretch and Relax|AFTER
Post-workout stretching and pre - work out warm-up is equally important, not only to shape the perfect muscle line, but also to avoid the damage caused by muscle stiffness and post-exercise soreness, with static stretching as the main focus, about 10 minutes of stretching.
Myofascial relaxation. Rolling and relaxing the muscles all over the body using foam shafts to relax the fascia of the muscles is performed for 10-15 minutes. Fascia is the connective tissue wrapped outside the muscle layer, and if the fascia is not relaxed, the stretched muscles are subject to the restrictions of the fascia.
2) Then do static stretching of the muscles, stretching for about 10-15 minutes are available.
06.Post-training meal addition|MEAL
Post-training meal addition
Muscles are very sensitive to insulin after fitness, and the synthesis of liver sugar is also faster, so if you don't supplement at the right time, your body will consume protein in your muscles in order to recover energy. After stretching and relaxing all done, basically half an hour after training, you can choose more easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates, such as: protein powder, milk, bananas, bread, etc.
A small amount of extra meals will not affect fat loss, and women or weight loss people can also add meals. Some girls, in order to lose weight, after training, have been hungry until bed, is extremely wrong approach, which will cause a decline in metabolism, muscle loss and many other factors that are detrimental to fat loss.
07.About bathing|TAKE A SHOWER
About bathing
Fitness often sweat a lot, so many people will be eager to take a cold shower after practice, although many athletes will use cold bath to reduce inflammation in the body, but as ordinary people (fitness intensity is low) is not recommended to use this method, grasp the bad time and temperature is not only detrimental to recovery, but also affect blood circulation, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, heart and other parts of the brain, resulting in dizziness, weakness and other symptoms.
It is recommended to rest for about 30 minutes after working out, and after your body returns to its pre - work out state, take a shower with water temperature close to your body temperature.
08.Sleep Aid|SLEEPING
Sleep Aid
"Rest" is essential for a fitness person, do not know how to rest people are never good practice, hard fitness is also equal to nothing, want to muscle training, fat loss and fast, stay up late can not be oh.

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