Massage guns are gradually becoming popular in the fitness world but much more than being a trend, they have been proven over the years to benefit the body in numerous ways. They are commonly found among fitness pros, athletes, celebrities, and a lot more other people actively trying to improve their health and fitness level.

In addition to improving the muscles, several studies have also shown the effectiveness of massage therapy in certain medical conditions, as it helps relieve pain, anxiety, and illnesses such as depression, fibromyalgia and cancer. A research article by Hindawi shows the effectiveness of vibration massage on fibromyalgia, of which a massage gun comes in handy.

Why Do You Need a Massage Gun?

There are several reasons why anyone should own a massage gun and not just fitness pros, athletes or celebrities. Some of these reasons include:

1. It Helps With Enhanced Workout Performance

The primary market for massage guns were fitness enthusiasts and athletes, which means that it works effectively to enhance workout performance. You can use a massage gun pre-workout to warm up your muscles and increase range of motion and also post-workout to speed up muscle recovery. This tool is often used by fitness trainers and therapists for their clients but how much more if you owned one to use in the comfort of your home?

2. It Helps Relieve Pain

Massage guns work like the traditional massage to help relieve pain in the muscles, whether in the superficial or deep tissues. The gun helps flush out extracellular fluids from the muscle tissue such as lymph fluid and venous blood into the circulatory system, which helps to reduce inflammation and pain. This tool has also become a popular recovery tool over the years to relieve pain resulting from the intense workout.

Also, most people today tend to spend long hours sitting behind their desks with a poor posture or have their necks bent over their phones for a long time. This could result in pain in the neck, shoulders, and most commonly the lower back. The massage gun can be a quicker and faster way to relieve the pain and reduce the risk of possible future soreness.




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